Privacy your grandma could understand.

Gimme the short version.

We only save information you tell us to save by typing it in and hitting save.

We don't sell or share your info with anyone.

We use google analytics for site measurement, but it's not connected to you specifically. We're getting rid of it, too, but aren't there yet.

If I use your courses, what information do you store about me?

  • We save the data you enter into any of the courses.
  • We save what you purchased and when.
  • We save your email and name.
  • We save an unrecoverable version of your password.
  • That's it.

If I'm on your email list, what information do you store?

  • We save your first name and email.
  • We save a log of when you signed up, and whether you've confirmed your subscription.
  • We save a reciept of every email we sent to you, and whether it went through or was rejected. If you clicked "love", we save that you clicked love.
  • That's it.

How can I see everything you have?

Go to your account, and click "Download My Data". It's literally every single bit of data that's stored about you in our systems.

Do you track what pages I go to?

Nope, not individually. We do keep an eye on how many visits pages get on the whole, so we know what's working and what's not - but it's never associated with your account or subscriptions (if you have them).

Do you sell my info to big corporations?

Nope. All your information stays here.

The lone exception is that we do still use Google Analytics to help with statistics, and we're hoping to move off of them in 2023. But that data is never connected with anything you save, or your subscriptions.

Who's "we"?

Legally, "we" is Ink and Feet, LLC, based at 1603 N Capitol Ave, #310A244, Cheyenne, WY 82001 USA.

Practically, "we" is me, Steven. :)

Who has access to my stuff?

Just me, Steven. This is still a sole proprietorship, and I'm the only one with the keys. All of your data is encrypted multiple times with multiple keys, so even the folks running the servers this website is on can't see it.

Can I delete everything you have on me?

Yup. Go to your account, and click "Delete My Account". You'll see a short screen explaining what's going to happen, and a button to confirm. That's it, and it's immediate.

I have another question!

I'd love to hear it, and add it to this FAQ. Email me at steven at this website. :)